Squirrel Removal in Arden Arcade

If you are hearing the animal noises in your home, you may have a need for squirrel removal in Arden Arcade. Call us at 916-500-9027 if you are hearing these noises. They are a common nuisance pest animal in Sacramento County. Once they get into your home they can become much more than a nuisance.

Call us to do an inspection and see what damage you may have. We will let you know where they are getting into your home and give you a plan to safely remove them. We will also show you the entry points that need to be sealed so that they are not able to gain entrance again.

Squirrels are persistent and clever animals. They will empty your bird feeder in a short amount of time. They are notorious for digging in potted plants, flowerbeds and removing bulbs to chew on. They are constantly chewing because their teeth are constantly growing and the problems can start when they make a home in your attic. Wood siding and electrical wiring are at risk of damage.

They also carry fleas, and their feces and urine can cause an unpleasant odor in your home. They are rodents, and like rats, they will chew on wires and water lines. Remember, their teeth continue to grow causing the animal to gnaw and chew to keep the teeth worn down.

Squirrels in the Attic

It is common to find squirrels in the attic in Arden Arcade. They love to make your attic their home. They will do most anything to get into your attic. This includes tearing up the roof, siding, vents in search of a dry location; especially during the breeding season.

Once in the attic they will tear up insulation and drywall to build a nest for their young. Because the attic is usually a quiet place, they are free to raise their family undisturbed. If you are seeing them on your roof, they may be using your attic as their home. Call us to exclude them from your attic.

If you are hearing noises in your attic or in your walls, you may have them in your home. Once we do an inspection of the attic we will place traps in the best possible location to catch them. As we look to remove the this pest from your attic we will also seal up the entry points that they created.

Squirrel Nesting In Homes

They generally breed twice a year, once in the summer between May and June and again in the winter between December and February. In California, due to mellow winters, the grey squirrels tend to extend the breeding season. The grey squirrel does not hibernate like some northern species. If you have them in your attic, you will typically only have one family inside. A dominant male and female will keep others away while they are nesting.

Trapping is one method of removal; another is the use of deterrents to persuade the animals to move out on their own. If they leave they will take any offspring with them. They are among the most devoted parents and will defend their babies to the death. If we trap the adults, we will need to remove the babies by hand to either reunite the family or take the babies to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for care and eventual release.

Squirrel Damage Repair

After the squirrels have been removed from your attic you may find that you are left with a need for damage repair to your Arden Arcade home. They will tear up the insulation as they look to build nests for their young. They will chew through electrical wiring which has the potential for greater damage to your home. This can lead to a potential fire.

Our professionals understand their habits. We will trap and remove them from your home. Our team is also trained to fix any damage that they have caused.