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  • What do you do when you find an unexpected guest? Or should I say… an unwelcome pest?

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    Great guys! We had a squirrel problem, and now we don't! Don't worry about how long it takes, or how quick it is. Bottom line: didn't change the quoted price and we no longer have a squirrel problem. Winning.

    Thanks guys

    Keith C.
    Keith C.


    We live in the country and have had mice and rats in our home over the past 22 years. This year they invaded our house!!!!! They ate our dog's food, they horded food under our furniture. We didn't know what to do!

    I contacted our monthly pest service and they came out and set traps. We caught a few mice in the garage but those rats are sneaky!!!!! The monthly pest control guys just kept coming out and setting traps but we weren't catching anything.

    Then we called Brandon at Thomas Wildlife Control. What a life saver!!!!! Brandon and Nick came out and looked at our house from all angles - attic, roof, siding, behind the stove, fridge, under the sink. You name it, they found out where the rats were coming in the attic and the house. Brandon told me more than I ever wanted to know about rats.... how they are greasy (hmmmm that is what was on our kitchen counter) how they can squeeze into in spaces that's 1/2 of an inch. Brandon knows his stuff and that's exactly what we needed.

    Brandon told us that we could seal up our house on our own, but we said "No Way!" We'll let the professionals handle it. Brandon came and in 7 hours had our house sealed up! They put mesh on our attic vents, on holes in our garage, under the sink pipe holes, behind the stove holes..... EVERYWHERE! They even put this goo stuff that the rats hate to eat over the mesh. After the house was sealed they put traps in case any rats were locked up in the attic after it was sealed.

    1 month later....Awwww. I can sleep now knowing that I am mice and rat free. I would highly recommend Thomas Wildlife Control to get rid of your rat problems for ever!!!!!!!

    Sherrill R.
    Sherrill R.

    We had a rat problem they came out and did all of the exclusion work. They have caught quite a few rats and continue to come out to make sure the exclusion work is working. They are professional and know what they are doing they aren't trying to sell you a monthly service they simply want to get rid of the problem so you don't need a monthly service. Nick has been out to service our house several times and is a nice guy and professional with his work. I would recommend them to anyone who can't get rid of pesky critters on their own.

    Jenny O.
    Jenny O.

    I never thought there WAS such a thing, until my home inspection showed we had visitors in the attic. They came out and inspected right away. Very pleased with their service. I'm docking 1 star because 1) they don't really provide a report, just an invoice that has semi-cryptic notes written on it (It's harder to present as evidence of treatment in an escrow....) and their rate is higher than other service professionals for the amount of time they spend on the job. Their work is thorough, however and am happy to be rat-free.

    Jeff J.
    Jeff J.

    I would definitely use them again. Prompt service, good prices. And they gave us useful information. Thanks guys!

    Janna W.
    Janna W.

    This is the company to go to if you have any unwanted animals in your home! They will make sure you are satisfied and the unwanted animals are gone. I refer them out as much as possible because the majority of us have unwanted house guests. Give them a call if you want a good job and the job done right.

    Al C.
    Al C.

    We've had problems with rats and possibly a squirrel in our attics. Regular exterminators are unable to deal with squirrels so I contacted Thomas Wildlife. Very personable Nick came out and quickly identified numerous points of entry through vents around the foundation and also from the roof through gaps where our HVAC systems are installed. He came back today and spent 2 hours sealing all of those places and replacing screens which had holes. He did a thorough job and is 90% positive that we will have no more problems. I am very happy with the service and highly recommend them.

    Jim C.
    Jim C.

    Thomas is effective at what they do and I'd definitely bring them back. They are super expensive though so I'd definitely recommend calling them as a last resort. It is well worth your $$$ to research solutions on the internet or at Home Depot first.

    Robert T.

    Brandon successfully removed the rats from our walls of our home humanely. They have not come back and we are very happy.

    donna b.

    Brandon and his team did an amazing job I can't thank him enough for the quick response I will definitely use him again and refer him to anyone with a pest issue. He removed my problem humanely and relocated to a safer area. Thanks again Brandon

    Erik S.


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